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Hot News (3/30/2022)

Updates on BeginnerTrading

  • We’ve partnered with Unusual Whales, the creator of the FLOW Tool. Sign up now to get 20% off, and gain access to awesome features like:
    • Get alerted about large option flow changes, beamed straight to your phone.
    • See everything that is happening in the options and dark pool world.
    • Check each of all the greeks, details, all with original research/reports.
    • See what politicians are trading, their performance, + the conflicts of interest.
    • View whale analytics, options profit calculators, all historically to make your own decisions!


  • Sunday Summaries is Live
    • Want to catch up on the week to come, but don’t have hours to organize all the news? Stress no more, because we just released our new series “Sunday Summaries”, where we recap talk about the week to come, as well as the previous week and how that can affect the markets. Check out our First Sunday Summary!


Updates on Cannabis

  • The house of representatives votes on the MORE Act this week, the last time it went to the floor in December 2020, it passed in a 228-164 vote. So cannabis bulls having been rallying stocks like TLYR, CGC, and SNDL.
    • Even if it passes the house, the bill needs to pass the senate. Frontloading before this could prove very lucrative if it passes, but passing the senate is unlikely.


Updates on Oil & Ukraine

  • Oil is expected to continue rise, as Russia has announced it’s plans increase its operation and more sanctions are introduced internationally.
  • On the other hand, there have also been increased peace talks and condemnation by foreign nations, which could result in slower progress and a decrease in the volatility of war-time stocks.
    • We’re sitting on our hands for now because of this indecision


Important Earnings coming up this Thursday

    1. Walgreens (WBA) – After close
    2. Evo (EVO) – After close
    3. BlackBerry (BB) – Pre-market

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