Please enjoy our free online day trading courses. Our goal is to give traders a free resource and community where you can learn day trading for free, without having to pay a ton of money for a solid foundation. We have over 50 hours of content we will eventually put out there, what we consider the best day trading course for beginners, so check back in often to continue learning!

– Beginner Trading

Calculating Risk/Reward in Strategies

In our debut class, we review how to specifically calculate risk/reward with a few choice strategies. This class is a crucial building block for the new trader.

Building a Trading Plan - A Beginner's Guide

In our second class, we show traders how to really build a plan. This class is important as it reinforces the preparation and discipline needed in each trade you take. 

Understanding Gaps in Trading

In our third class, we break down gaps in trading and how to approach them the correct way. We break down important levels to watch, and the psychology behind these moves. 

Understanding VWAP & Related Strategies

Since many of our successful strategies revolve around the VWAP, we focus on understanding what it is and the best strategies to use it with. 

Trading Using Support & Resistance

Technical Analysis 101. This class breaks down how to use technical levels in trading to profit. 

Analyzing Level 2 & Time/Sales

For this incredibly important topic we talk about what is level 2 and how to use it to grow a small day trading account.

Trading & Understanding All Day Faders

All day faders and washouts happen consistently in the market. For short traders, this class is key. In it, we review how to approach them the right way.

Finding Consistency in Trading

Honestly, consistency is the hardest thing to achieve in trading. With that in mind, we focus on how new traders can give themselves the best chances of success.  

Bull Flags, Pennants - Lesson on the Rule of Three

Flags, triangles & pennants are very relevant and known patterns in the trading world. In this class, we break down what they are and how to approach them. 

Mastering the VWAP Fade

The VWAP Fade is my favorite strategy in trading, and the most reliable in my opinion. With that in mind, we break down the best way to trade this well known short strategy.

No Hesitation in Trading - Trading Psychology

Since the mental game is such a big factor in trading, in this class we break down how to maximize potential and avoid hesitation. 

The 9 EMA Pullback - Moving Average Day Trading Strategy

Learning how to use technical levels and trade off of support & resistance.

Bear Flags & Pennants - Bearish Flag Chart Pattern

A very relevant short day trading strategy, the bear flag can be incredibly profitable for beginner traders if done right. 

How Much Do You Need to Day Trade - Growing a Small Trading Account

Here is the big question –  how much money do you need to trade stocks? Specifically day trading below the PDT rule.

Being Market Ready - Day Trading Psychology Podcast

Reviewing the hardest mental aspects of trading 

The Moving Average Crossover Scalp - Beginner Day Trading Strategies

MA crossover strategies can be incredibly profitable as beginner day trading strategies. That is what we review in this class.

How to Calculate Risk/Reward - VWAP Fades and Bounces

This video shows how we specifically calculate risk/reward in the VWAP fade and bounce day trading strategies. 

How to Grow a Small Day Trading Account - Why Accounts are LOST

In this beginner’s guide to day trading, we go over how to keep you from losing your account. Trust me, you need to watch this..

The Trading Process - How to Day Trade for a Living

Want to grow a small trading account and trade full time? This video breaks down the full day trading process.

Reviewing and Learning from your Trades - How to Build Trading Rules

Analyzing your own trades is one of the keys to being a successful day trader. In this video, we talk about how to do this. 

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