Long Strategies & Setups

When Trying to Profit from a Rising Stock

the vwap bounce

A setup I am currently in the process of back-testing, it has shown huge promise when used with a solid plan and risk-reward. 

Steps of VWAP Bounce

1. Documenting premarket support & resistance.

2. Understand possible catalyst & trend.

3. Wait for bullish cross over VWAP.

4. Buying on pullback to VWAP, many times using premarket high as risk level.

5. Ride up then taking a partial at HOD and exit the rest at next key resistance level. 

The 1 min. pullback

This is one of the highest accuracy long strategies I implement. When combined with good risk/reward, it can be a profitable setup. 

Keys to 1 Min. Pullback

1. Map out pre-market support & resistance.

2. Wait for high volume, bullish breakout.

3. Identify risk/reward, entering at HOD.

4. Sell at next resistance level. 


The washout long was one of the first strategies I ever used. Many traders look for the first high of day break after the open and, with this setup, you can take advantage of that added momentum

The key to this setup is the small pullback. If the pullback at the open is too big, the stock could be overextended by the high of day break. This can cause a fakeout.

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