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“BeginnerTrading helped me when no one else could. I kept losing money and not understanding why, but with John’s honesty I came to understand being successful is about patience and quality learning. That’s exactly what I found here, and exactly why I’m seeing success!”
Korey Torres

“I don’t have hours a day to catch up on the markets, the news, trending strategies, and all the other craziness going on in the day-to-day. BeginnerTrading makes it easy to stay up to date without staying away from what’s most important!”
Terry Dennis

“Trading is scary, it’s intimidating to try to do it all alone. The BeginnerTrading community is what keeps me coming back! Having a huge group of people I can call friends and turn to for advice has helped me to build confidence in my system and have WAYYY more fun trading!”
Katy Gilmore