A No-PDT Broker

IS is right for you?

As a completely new trader, my first broker was Suretrader. The main reason being that since they are an overseas broker, they allow unlimited day trades. Using DAS PRO as their platform, it was fairly simple to learn when first getting started. Watch my very first YouTube video on the left!

Commissions & Fees

The biggest flaw to Suretrader in my opinion is their commission & fee structure. Base commissions start at $4.95 per trade, but with ECN fees a larger commission will total around $15 much of the time. Their platform fees are high as well, costing about $120/month for full platform, quotes, & level 2. See an example of a crazy day on Suretrader here ->

Buying Power & leverage

One of the biggest advantages to using Suretrader is their high offered buying power. They typically give you 6-1 leverage to trade with, so lots of muscle if you’re trying to go big. Still, this can negatively affect specifically new traders, so be careful. Learn why I think many traders fail on Suretrader by watching the left hand video.

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Warning, I was a brand new trader and did not know anything..