A Minimalist Platform with $1 Commissions

What is

UStockTrade is a web based, peer-to-peer trading platform. It was originally designed to suit new traders and the platform is about as minimalist as you can get. Still I found ways around that. To find out how, watch the featured video on the left.

Digging Deeper

After using UStockTrade for months, my favorite thing about them was the $1 commissions. This helped to truly use small sizing and practice trading. At the same time, the fills were not great – especially with a limit order. I was able to get around this, but to hear the different pros and cons, check out our review video  ->

Check out more UStockTrade related videos below!

Using small sizing, I scaled in and out of multiple different positions using UStockTrade.

Reviewing a losing trade on UStockTrade.

Again with small sizing, I traded a breakout on $LMFA multiple times on UStockTrade.