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We trade a 30k account live on YouTube every morning from 7:30 – 11 AM EST. It’s free to join, tons of fun, and filled with people that can help guide you trading journey.

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Here’s the secret to being a really good trader… There is no secret! Nowadays everything is out there, it’s just a matter of knowing what to trust. We teach you how to stay educated and make your own decisions, not just follow pump-and-dumps.

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With 10,000+ news channels, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with what’s relevant and true. Make that a struggle of the past, keep up with Beginner Trading’s news for everything relevant!

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Trading can be lonely and boring when you’re sitting alone looking at charts all day. Why not come have some fun while you’re doing it? Come hang out with the Beginner Trading Team!

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“I was new to trading, heck I hadn’t even put in a buy offer before, but BeginnerTrading made the whole process simple. From learning to earning they have been crucial to my continued success as a trader!”
Kimberly JohnsonYT Subscriber
“​NO, Thank you. You are here, every dang day, in and out, giving it away. We appreciate you, and I rely on your company in what is really a lonely endeavor.”
Ace TradesYT Subscriber
Thanks guys! VWAP got me to my goal again! Still learning but more successful now than ever. Thanks!
Chaotic-StepYT Subscriber
“Been watching this channel for just over a year on and off and I’ve learned a lot. I started off not knowing anything but I’m starting to turn a profit now. I like his strategies… ​I also love how brutally honest John is no BS fluff here, these guys genuinely have everyone’s best interest in mind”
Michael McgrawYT Subscriber
“thank you so much 4 your helpful hints I’m doing so much better in trading everyday making a little bit of money I call it lunch money my investment results are getting better and better BECAUSE OF U”
Chocolate TreatYT Subscriber
“The days of paying thousands to guru for courses that scam you with pump-and-dumps are over, BeginnerTrading is the real deal!”
Henry Calvin
Henry CalvinYT Subscriber
“Trading alone is scary, putting together all the news with the charts is time consuming, but keeping up with BeginnerTrading and following their advice makes it simple!”
Juan Bjorn
Juan BjornYT Subscriber


Beginner Trading started 6 years ago when John London began his day trading journey. With his skills as a mathematician, computer scientist, and gambler, John was able to devise strategies that make the odds work for him, and he demonstrates these live on stream every morning at 7:30 AM EST.

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We’re revamping EVERYTHING. From our news to our member programs. We want to give you the best possible experience, especially with how times are changing. The best way to keep up with us is our membership program. It’s free, customizable, and full of great resources not available anywhere else!

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Your Questions, Our answers

We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions and answered them the best way we know how.


what is trading and investing?

Trading is the process of buying, selling, or exchanging stocks, bonds, or currency (crypto, forex, etc). This is useful to us because as traders we can take advantage of price movements in individual assets to generate profit.

Investing is the process of buying assets with the intent of generating a return in the future. This allows our money to work for us, and increase in value as the market grows.

What do you trade and invest in?

We normally trade stocks, cryptocurrency, options, and futures. You can learn how to trade these too, since we share our strategies for free! Check out our courses to pick up the basics, or head straight over to our strategies.

what makes You different from other Trading Companies?

a) We live trade a 30k account on our YouTube channel BeginnerTrading every morning at 7:30 AM EST. Most gurus and teachers use trading simulators or paper trading instead of real money.

b) Everything is 100% FREE. BeginnerTrading’s main goal is to build and support the trading community. No gatekeeping info or pay walls here!

c) We have created a community of people who love to interact and help one another grow as traders.

why is everything free?

Simple: we’re profitable traders. Because of this, affiliate companies like to partner with us, and with those revenue streams we really don’t need to charge extra for our videos and courses.

BeginnerTrading also believes that keeping information free helps keep it honest too.

how do i become a member?

You can learn more about membership by going here. Becoming a member is completely free, so sign up today for exclusive, members-only resources!